Scour II: the Museum in the Landscape

The Scour Arts Project is back in Redditch for 2019 with Scour II at Forge Mill Museum and the Arrow Valley Country Park! We have now secured funding from Arts Council England, Arts in Redditch, The Elmley Foundation, Midcounties Co-op and Redditch Borough Council to create new artworks in the park and run a series of public art workshops.

Artworks throughout the Country Park include a video projection event on 16th November in an undercroft of the Coventry Highway, a chalk sprayed stencil trail and a grass cut map artwork at Five Tunnels.

Keith and Liz will be joined by embroiderer Hanny Newton, walk artist Andrew Howe and botanical painter Nicky Ashford who will be running a series of exciting art workshops at Forge Mill Museum during May and June. Please join us if you can!

Scour Project workshopsjpeg

Andrew Howe and Redditch historian Tony Green will be leading a walk through the landscape that surrounds Forge Mill on 25th May:

Scour Project walk workshopjpeg

Join Keith, Liz and Nicky for workshops to create images for the stencil trail:

Scour Project Hook and Linejpeg

Work with Hanny to create a stitched map of the landscape using found objects from the park:

Scour Project Follow the River



Scour project new ideas

A video installation that will transform the concrete columns of a road underpass. The work will explore connections between the 18th century needle industry and the New Town construction of the 1960’s: an exciting multi-faceted artwork about manufacture, human effort and exploitation of the land. We propose to turn the underpass into a dynamic mechanical space with video projections combining video segments of the machinery of Forge Mill Needle Museum and people working with needles. The industrial needle making machines contrasting with the rhythms of hand sewing and walking across the land. We would project onto the structures of the concrete pillars, columns of constant movement echoing the traffic overhead and the river below.

We tried a test on site.

sketch showing the area for projection

The test videos can be seen following the links below.

Scour II for 2017

img_0338Fulcrum. Still image from video.

A selection of images from the Scour exhibitions of 2016 at Forge Mill Museum, The Bertie Crewe Gallery and Kingfisher Centre in Redditch. Many thanks to all the staff and volunteers for all your help!


Inbetweens. Silver plated brass casts.


Whitimore hook. Graffiti on flyover pillars.


The Temper of an Angel. Embossed paper, wood.


From Batchley Brook to Beoley Mill. Lasercut stainless steel, needles.

Scour is on next at Participate Contemporary Artspace, Shrewsbury during March 2017. Watch this space for news of Stage II of this exciting project!

Needle stencils go up!


The last week of the Scour exhibition at The Kingfisher Centre, Redditch and we are trying out the stencilled needle images as hangings in the gallery.image

The exhibition is on until 4pm this Sat 13th August and then some of the 2D artworks will be on display during Sept and Oct in the Bertie Crewe Gallery at The Palace Theatre, also in Redditch.image

We have had over 200 visitors to the exhibition so far, looking at the artworks and sharing their own stories about their family connections to the Redditch needle industry. Come and catch the exhibition before it finishes on Saturday!

Scour moves to the kingfisher Centre

Scour The Hidden Landscapes of Forge Mill has moved to the Kingfisher Shopping Centre, Redditch. The exhibition includes much of the work displayed in the exhibition at the mill in June. In addition we have experimented with projecting the videos and are using sound more extensively. The extra space allows you to stand back from the work. All Our Labours is more visible as a whole. Also included are some embossing so and plaster sculptures from the workshops run during the exhibition.

The pattern from the sculpture Flight over the Arrow Valley is on display. The original is sited by the southern tip of the Arrow Valley Lake. It is an ancestor of Batchley Brooke to Beoley Mill sculpture made for the Scour project.

The exhibition is on until Saturday 13th August at 18 Walford Walk, Kingfisher Shopping Centre, Redditch. Open 10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday.

Sculpture workshop at Forge Mill


Animal image from a tile taken from Bordesley Abbey

Following on from the embossing workshop we ran a 2 day sculpture casting workshop at the mill last weekend. People made clay relief plaques developed from imagery from the museum collection or items they brought along. A plaster mould was made from the clay original. These were”waste” moulds into which plaster was poured to make a copy of the original. They are waste moulds because you have to chisel off the mould to reveal the plaster cast. A dramatic experience for those that have never done it before, but great fun!

Art workshops at Forge Mill

We held two workshops during our exhibition at Forge Mill. An Art and Heritage Interpretation workshop on June 20th and on the 27th an Embossing workshop. The Interpretation workshop was led Jill Impey and began with drawing in the museum collection. Objects were considered along themes of; aesthetics, senses, politics, history and geography.

reviewing the drawing in the museum

This was followed by developing the drawings into designs to be mono printed.developing monoprints from the drawings


The embossing workshop was led Liz and followed a similar format, but began with the a demonstration of the principles of embossing and the use of the press.

liz demonstrates using the printing press


A session of experimenting was followed by design development and some fine embossing resulted.

developing embossing designs  example embossing

At the end of each workshop we reviewed all the work produced.

reviewing the interpretation workshopreviewing the blind embossing

We hope to display some the work as part of an exhibition in the Kingfisher Shopping Centre we are having at the start of August.


Exhibition opens at Forge Mill

Scour: The Hidden Landscape opened at Forge Mill Friday the 10th June and we had a well attended launch event on Saturday 11th.

launch event

The exhibition included two sculptures for the main space.

The Temper Of Angels. Embossed paper
The Temper Of Angels. Embossed paper
Batchley Brook To Beoley Mill. Stainless Steel
Batchley Brook To Beoley Mill. Stainless Steel

Guests also visited the graffiti style needles on the Parkway flyover pillars in Arrow Valley Country Park.

launch visit to parkway needles

Needle images on Parkway Flyover east side of path.
Needle images on Parkway Flyover east side of path.

The exhibition includes videos and smaller sculptures. It is at the museum until the 3rd of July. The museum is open 11 to 4.30pm Mon to Fri and 11 – 4pm Sat and Sun. Forge Mill Needle Museum. B98 8HY

Needle stencils at Parkway



We spent a day spray painting needle images onto concrete pillars of the Parkway and Coventry Highway flyovers in the Arrow Valley. The images were taken from catalogues in the Forge Mill collection and are of 4 different types of needles. We used temporary chalk spray paint and the artwork will be there to coincide with the Scour art exhibition at Forge Mill, on until 3rd July.

Work in the studio continues

Liz is working on a suspended paper sculpture

Paper sculpture on floor

Constructed on a walnut frame the sculpture has paper panels with embossed images of Redditch made fishing hooks

Suspended section of paper sculpture

The sculpture is suspended on fishing rod eyes left over from Keith’s moms casual work in the 1960’s.

Two panels of suspended paper sculpture

Mean while Keith develops the waterway for the pond to power workshop over the bank holiday week end at Forge Mill Museum.

Waterway section for boat models

A pond pump will circulate water down the gutters providing a water flow for boats made in the workshop at Forge Mill. A second system is being designed for water wheels made by families in the workshop. If you’re in Redditch 29 and 30th May drop in between 10am and 4pm.