Kingfisher Centre Exhibition, 13th-19th April

In November, The Bertie Crewe Gallery hosted an exhibition of embroidery artworks which “sample” the nature of the Arrow Valley, created by Hanny Newton and participants of her embroidery workshops which ran throughout the summer.

We are excited to announce that these wonderful pieces will be on display again! This time they will be at the Kingfisher Centre in Redditch. You can see them from 13th to 19th April!

Bertie Crewe 04

Visiting Andy Mckeown’s studio

In preparation for our Machine in the Park 2 Event, we’ve been working at Andy Mckeown’s studio in Shrewsbury. We had a wonderful time editing videos and creating a test studio projection of a whole series of images which we “mapped” onto a mock layout screen of the underpass area!

Keith editingmachine video still

We were also lucky enough to be joined by Kate Allan, who wrote songs inspired by the landscapes of the Arrow Valley last year during our Scour Art Walks with Andrew Howe. Kate has been recording two new songs which will be played as part of the Machine in the Park 2!


We’re really looking forward to the Machine in the Park event on 7th March. Here’s hoping we stay dry and perhaps a little warmer than it was in November!

machine in the park