Five Tunnels grass cut map of the River Arrow IV

On 3rd August we raised a temporary platform and invited the public to see the shape of our grass-cut map of the River Arrow.

temporary platform for open day at grass cut

The following week we did another amazing drone shoot and also experimented with film of walking feet as people explore the landscape.

liz and jj experiment with filming walking

We also enjoyed our time at Morton Stanley park where you might have seen us chatting to people about the project.

promoting project at Morton Stanley park event

Art walk and workshop in the Arrow Valley

We had a successful art walk and workshop on Friday 30th August with everyone greatly enjoying themselves and the good weather! We walked from the southern tip of the Arrow Valley lake to the site of Ipsley Mill, then followed the mill race to the river and back up to Ipsley Church.
This was a walk with a different feel to our previous Bordesley Abbey walk but it still took in the old waterway engineering.
The afternoon then saw some great creative reflections in the workshop, including a song being written! Thank you to everyone who took part.