The Machine in the Park

Film event 02

Thanks to all those who attended The Machine In The Park projection event on the 16th of May. With the Help of Andy McKeown we were able to transform the space under the Coventry highway in Redditch as it passes over the Arrow Valley Country Park into a dynamic mechanical experience. The ten projectors in the event included footage from forge mill museum filmed during the first Scour Art Project together with video clips of other working mills from across the country. Invited guests and passers by were able to enjoy the installation which explores the connections between 19th century industry and new town construction of the 1960’s.

Film event 01

A multi faceted art work about manufacture, human effort and exploitation of the land.

Film event 03 Film event 05

Scour launch: testbed

Yesterday we worked with Andy Mckeown on a test run of the video projection event in the Arrow Valley. Come along tonight (Thurs 16th May) between 7-9pm to see this amazing set of machine and water filmsĀ knitting together throughout the concrete undercroft space……. a new art gallery for Redditch?!

Coventry Highway undercroft, Arrow Valley Park, Redditch