Art workshops at Forge Mill

We held two workshops during our exhibition at Forge Mill. An Art and Heritage Interpretation workshop on June 20th and on the 27th an Embossing workshop. The Interpretation workshop was led Jill Impey and began with drawing in the museum collection. Objects were considered along themes of; aesthetics, senses, politics, history and geography.

reviewing the drawing in the museum

This was followed by developing the drawings into designs to be mono printed.developing monoprints from the drawings


The embossing workshop was led Liz and followed a similar format, but began with the a demonstration of the principles of embossing and the use of the press.

liz demonstrates using the printing press


A session of experimenting was followed by design development and some fine embossing resulted.

developing embossing designs  example embossing

At the end of each workshop we reviewed all the work produced.

reviewing the interpretation workshopreviewing the blind embossing

We hope to display some the work as part of an exhibition in the Kingfisher Shopping Centre we are having at the start of August.


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