Work in the studio continues

Liz is working on a suspended paper sculpture

Paper sculpture on floor

Constructed on a walnut frame the sculpture has paper panels with embossed images of Redditch made fishing hooks

Suspended section of paper sculpture

The sculpture is suspended on fishing rod eyes left over from Keith’s moms casual work in the 1960’s.

Two panels of suspended paper sculpture

Mean while Keith develops the waterway for the pond to power workshop over the bank holiday week end at Forge Mill Museum.

Waterway section for boat models

A pond pump will circulate water down the gutters providing a water flow for boats made in the workshop at Forge Mill. A second system is being designed for water wheels made by families in the workshop. If you’re in Redditch 29 and 30th May drop in between 10am and 4pm.


Batchley Brook upstream

All our landscape research has been down stream of Forge Mill. On 5th May Keith walked upstream along Batchley Brook in a westerly direction from Forge Mill. The stream disappears immediately under a roundabout at the north end of the Alverchurch Highway and reappears at Windsor road

batchley brook appears windsor roadrailway bridge

The brook runs alongside Windsor Road

following windsor road

It cuts a line of plants and trees through Enfield.

batchley brook windsor road

The other side of Windsor Road the aerospace factory.

aerospace factory

At the end of Windsor Road the brook disappears under a roundabout and reappears at the back of Batchley Road

following the back of batchley road

At the end of the back lane the brook disappears under a roundabout to appear at Batchley.

Batchley pond

First stencil arrives for the Needles under Flyovers

After much effort trying to get the image right, the first test stencil arrived for one of the needles to go on the pillars supporting the flyovers that cross the Millers Trail in The Arrow Valley Country Park. The images are temporary and will coincide with the exhibition at Forge Mill Museum. The stencils are in three parts to recreate the needle catalogue drawing style.

Test spraying on a studio pillar.
Test spraying on a studio pillar.

needle second layer spray The Horizontal lines on the base layer

needle third layer spray The Vertical lines over the horizontal lines and base layer.

test stencil spray in studios detail of the eye after three layers
test stencil spray in studios detail of the eye after three layers

The paint is chalk based and can be washed off. Three more designs are being developed.


The sparyed needle on the pillar in the Participate Contemporay Artspace studio.
The sprayed needle on the pillar in the Participate Contemporay Artspace studio.



Walk around needle mill sites in Redditch town centre

After a walk following Batchley Brook from Forge Mill upstream to Batchley Keith returned via the town centre looking for needle mills. The walk forms research for the exhibition at Forge Mill museum in June. The research so far has followed downstream from Forge Mill into the Arrow Valley Park. This walk was the start of research upstream. Surprisingly some of the mills have survived the new town development and have only recently suffered demolition.

Needle Mill. Vacant.
Ashleigh Works Needle Mill. Vacant.
Clive Works under demolition.
Clive Works under demolition.